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Best Apps for Free Instagram Followers and Likes Instantly

If you are looking for best apps for free Instagram followers and likes, then read our article on this topic. We have summarized top 10 apps which you can use to get free Instagram followers and likes.

  1. Get Instagram Followers –

If you want to gain real followers on Instagram, then you should consider using this app which boasts more than 20k Downloads every day. Get Instagram followers is available for both iOS and Android platform, and you can download this for free. You will get instant, real followers using this app.

Features of getting followers.VIP

  1. Fast, risk-free and easy to use
  2. Get instant and real Instagram followers
  3. More than 20k downloads daily
  4. Have some in-app purchase to get followers
  5. 100% fraud free
  6. Your Instagram account will be safe which you use this app


  1. Freelike4like deals with coins

Freelike4like is a mobile application developed by It provides free Instagram followers within seconds. You can use this app for getting real followers and brand promotion.

How does it work?

It works on like for like basis; you need to like other people story or post or picture to gain app coins, which you can use to boost your Instagram post. There are thousands of task present in the apps, which you can join and get application coins

In-app purchase?

It includes in-app purchase also, in which you can buy coins and get instant followers on your Instagram profile. This is very good to promote any new brand, which did not have good visibility and needed to have thousands of followers on there profile.

Benefit of Freelike4likes

  1. It is free to download
  2. You can get app coins by liking on other Instagram users
  3. You can use those coins to boost your own Instagram post
  4. Real and legit followers
  5. The app is safe and legitimate
  6. Very responsive customer service


  1. like4like – a coin for liking other people post

Like4like is the similar app freelike4like; it provides you coins for liking other people post, which you can use to boost your post. Some of the features which like4like app has is as follows:

  1. The application is free to download
  2. Free to register in like4like
  3. Get 200 Instagram likes when you sign in
  4. Get app coins when you like other people post
  5. You can use those coins to boost your post
  6. In-app purchase to get more coins
  7. Great for brand awareness and brand promotion


  1. Followers Insight on Instagram

Followers Insight is an app for checking all inactive and ghost followers which did not give any benefit to your account. It has been developed for getting all the insight of your Instagram account and making it into effect on choosing relevant followers vs. garbage followers.

Some of the features of these apps are as follows:

  1. Real-time check how much followers you have or gain
  2. Check how many followers you have left out
  3. Check blockers in your account
  4. Unfollow many non-followers who stopped following your profile
  5. Keep track of your genuine followers
  6. Check who like your post most and who likes only once
  7. Give reference or shoutouts to your best Instagram followers
  8. Gain Insights from your Instagram accounts


  1. Followers+ Gain followers from Hashtag

It is yet another good app which provides you real and legit Instagram followers. It gives you hundred of idea on Hashtag for your post, and sure enough, you will get free followers using their features. You can increase 1000 followers per day using their feature and in-app purchases. Some of the feature which this app has

  1. Get free Instagram followers and likes
  2. No login or password required for this app
  3. Use various Hashtag to get real followers
  4. Instasave
  5. Safe and simple


  1. Fast Followers Boost

Fast followers boost base on GPT apps, which means you need to perform some task to get coins which can be used to boost your own Instagram post. You can perform a small task such as watching videos or playing the game and liking other Instagram profile.

A feature of fast followers boost

  1. Free to download
  2. Free to register
  3. Get coins for doing a small task
  4. Use those coins for boosting your own Instagram post
  5. In-app purchase to get more coins


  1. Real followers and like Boost

You can use real followers and like boost if you want to get real followers on your Instagram account. These apps will include your tags for your post, which will give you relevant score and your post to the same category where it belongs. It will ensure you get the same likeminded people for the post.

Your picture will be more accessible with popular tags where people will like you and keep on following you.

You can keep on copy and paste popular tags to your story and get real followers in your story. The application has some in-app purchase which you can use to boost your post and get real followers.


  1. GetFly Followers+

GetFly is free to use service where you can organically grow your Instagram profile and get genuine followers. You have to perform a small task to get free coins which can be used to boost your own Instagram profile or story. GetFly Followers+ provides you’re with some in-app purchase which gives you an instant boost to your Instagram profile.


  1. Real Followers Boom – Boost Followers, Likes

If you want to get Instagram followers and catch attention for your brand, then you should consider using real follower’s boom. It will allow you with latest quotes for your post which you can use and get a thousand followers in real time. Real Followers Boom also has in-app purchase which you can use to boost your post or brand.


  1. Get Likes & Followers for Insta

Another great app which provides free followers on Instagram profiles. It will provide you coins for watching small videos; these coins can be later used for boosting your own Instagram post or story.