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Games With Xbox Gold November 2018 [Free]

Are you eagerly waiting for the new Free Games which are going to hit for Xbox console this November 2018, then we must tell you that your entertainment Quota will be double this November. You will be getting a Storyline from fairy tales to the medieval era to modern age warfare. All the Games line up for this November are blockbuster hits.

Check these games which are going to available for free with Xbox Gold Subscription

  1. Battlefield 1: this game will be available from November 1st to 30th on Xbox One.
  2. Race the Sun: a Simple game like run forever, will be available from 16th Nov to 15th December on Xbox one
  3. Assassin’s Creed: Fight with evil and corrupt govt official, will be available from 1st Nov to 15Th Nov on Xbox 360
  4. Dante’s Inferno: it will be available from 16th Nov to 30Th Nov on Xbox 360

Battlefield 1

Get ready for World War I campaign where you need to put different soldier shoe and finish all campaign. This game was mega blockbuster hit when it gets first to release on Oct 21, 2016. EA DICE developed battlefield 1 and published by Electronic Arts, and now in November, you can play this free Game title if you have an Xbox Gold Subscription.

Race the Sun

Nothing new in the game, same old classic arcade style playing where you need to run endless and should avoid any obstacles with your spaceship. All age groups love endless running genera games, and it can play safely by all age groups. So, if you have small kids at home, you can safely play this game with your kids.

Assassin’s Creed

Get ready to kick ass some bad Templars and rescue artifact “Apple of Eden.” Assassin’s Creed is the blockbuster hit when it gets first released on November 13, 2007.

In this storyline, you will experience a high-tech Animus system and an ancient brotherhood of Assassins. You can play this game free when you have Xbox Gold membership or if you have an Xbox Gold Gift Card.

If you want to play this game, then we recommend checking this awesome article on how to Get Free Xbox live codes.

Dante’s Inferno

o you love playing game which involve rescuing princes, well, this game is similar to that storyline. You will be playing as a Titular hero who will be fighting through the Nice Circle of Hell and kick ass some bad creature to rescue Lucifer.

Dante’s Inferno has released on Xbox 360 in 2010 February and was hit at the time of release.

Final thought

If you are waiting for November release for Xbox Gold Subscription Game, then your wait is over, get ready for entertainment and submerge into the games. Happy Gaming!