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Play Golf Clash on PC – Ultimate Guide

Do you want to run Golf Clash game on your PC?

If yes, then you need to follow the complete guide to play this awesome game on your PC.

Golf Clash is the first game which has been awarded TIFA award for making awareness and spreading Golf among common people.

Golf Clash is awarded “Game of the Year” by Mobile games in the year 2018.

So, if you are looking to perfect your shots using different clubs in a simulated environment, then you should install Golf Clash in your PC.

The benefit of installing golf clash game in PC

  • You will get everything bigger with a clear picture
  • You can use a keyboard or mouse to control your shots which is easier than by fingers
  • No lag or hardware issue as in some cases of lower end smartphone
  • The game will run smoothly in PC then in smartphone
  • You can even use a game controller to play this game on PC. Please note that controllers are forbidden and considered as a hack.

What is the software you need to install for playing Golf Clash in PC?

You will require two free software which is called PC Emulators, to play golf clash in PC.

These special software’s emulate the environment like smartphone and run the mobile game without any hassle. Name of this software are given below

  • NOX players
  • BlueStacks

How to install NOX Players and BlueStacks emulator in PC?

You can download NOX players or BlueStacks from the there official website free of charge.

Download NOX Player or BlueStacks Emulator from official site first.

  1. You need to download emulators from their official website
  2. After downloading the emulators, you need to install it in your PC
  3. After installing the emulator on your PC, you need to open the respective emulator and download Golf Clash game from Google Play.
  4. Golf Clash will be installing and will be ready to play in your simulator or emulator.
  5. you can log in to your existing Golf Clash account with the same credential.
  6. Enjoy the Golf Clash game, which will give you more control as it will be played using a game console or keyboard and mouse.

Precaution to be taken while installing a game in PC

There is some precaution you should take while installing Golf Clash game on PC, and they are as follows

  • Do not install any emulator from other than the official website
  • Do not install any emulator other than NOX player or BlueStacks
  • Always remember to use the official website to download the emulator
  • If you find any other website which provides emulator link, then do not download, they might contain virus or malware in it
  • Always install the emulator which are compatible to your PC like Mac OS or Windows OS
  • Emulators need some space to install, so keep some space in your root directory to install these emulators
  • Emulators also provide the latest Android version (Nougat 7.1.2) with Hyper-G graphics for a smoother experience
  • Emulators works on AI-driven resource management which mean it can use unused space in your root directory to play game
  • Apart from Golf Clash, you can find hundreds of games which can be played on an emulator.

Final words

Golf Clash is a game of accuracy and precision, which means that if you install it on PC, you can get a greater result. Games which are played with mouse and keyword has more control than a game played with hands.

We have given your extensive details on how you can install golf Clash in your PC with the help of emulators.