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Top Apps For Free Google Play Redeem Codes 2019

Free Google play Redeem Codes 2019

 If you are looking for Free Google Play Gift Codes 2018 working, then you have visited the right website. We have summarized top 5 Google Apps which will provide you with free Google Play Gift Codes for doing small jobs or tasks.

What are the Benefits of Google Play Credits

Google Play store has many apps and features which you can use by buying them, for that you need to pay for them with real money. Apps can be purchased by credit cards or Gift Cards.

Google Play Gift Cards codes can be purchased from the official website of Google Play or by other major selling portals. These Gift Codes are used to buy apps or to purchase monthly recurring purchase.

There are many benefits which are given below:

  1. Google Play Credit code are official money used on Google Play store
  2. Google Play Credit code can be purchased below the prescribed value from a different
  3. You can use Google Play credit code for purchasing different apps from Google Play Store
  4. It can be used for any recurring purchase of the game of apps
  5. Google Play credit code did not get expired
  6. You can gift Google Play Credit to others and also receive them.

 What can you purchase using Google Play Gift Code?

You can purchase almost all items present in the Google Play Store, some of them are as follows:

  • Books
  • Movies & TV episodes
  • Games (Android apps)
  • Music
  • Newsstand apps
  • Google play console

top 5 apps for free google play codes

Top 5 Google Apps for free Google Play Redeem Codes 2018

If you are using a smartphone, you can install these top 5 Google apps which are based on GPT (get paid to) method to earn free Google Play Codes in 2018.

  • Free MyApps
  • AppNana
  • JunoWallet
  • Cubic rewards

1. FreeMyApps

There are many apps which are working on GPT method which means that you need to perform a certain task to get some points or coins. These points can be redeemed to your Gift Cards such as Google Gift Cards or Amazon Gift Cards. There are many small tasks which you can perform to get points, some of them are as follows

  1. You can get points by installing games
  2. You can get points by installing apps
  3. Get points by watching videos ads
  4. Complete some small surveys
  5. Give your opinion on certain products

You can also get free points by referring your friends for using this app.

2. AppNana

One of the biggest and second most favorite destinations for getting Free Google Play gift codes is AppNana. You need to register in AppNana to gather some points which you can redeem for Google Gift Code.

AppNana has its points known as Nana, which is nothing but points which you can redeem for Google Play Gift Code. You can also receive 400 Nana points when you log into the app.

AppNana also has referred a friend program, from which you can get free nana points when you refer your friend to this app.

A task which you can perform using AppNana

  1. Competing paid survey on their platform
  2. Watching video ads
  3. Installing games and reaching a certain level
  4. Installing different apps
  5. Give a valuable opinion on a new product

3. JunoWallet

Junowallet is another favorite app which provides you with free Google play Redeem Codes for performing a certain task. They also provide free mobile or another gift when you refer a friend in there app.

Junowallet is trusted app which is known to give out payout to all their existing clients. You can find Junowallet app free to install from Google Play store. You need to register to the app using valid email id to get inside JunoWallet app.

Junowallet has a wide range of Gift Cards apart from Google Gift Cards which you can redeem when you get enough points. Some of the Gift Cards which are present in JunoWallet are as follows

  1. iTunes Gift Codes
  2. Amazon Gift Codes
  3. Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Gift Codes
  4. Nike Gift Cards
  5. eBay Gift Cards
  6. Domino’s Gift Cards

4. Cubic Reward

On our top 5 best apps to get free Google Play Gift Card, Cubic Reward is in the fourth position. If you want on time payment and the trusted band, then you can rely on Cubic Reward. It offers Free Google Gift Cards by playing games and watching video ads. You can also earn points in app by referring friends to Cubic Rewards.

How to get Free Google Gift Card using Cubic Reward?

  1. Install Cubic Reward from Google Play store (it is a free app)
  2. Now register your valid email id
  3. You can now browse all the tabs and get points by completing a simple task
  4. You can install apps or game to get rewards points
  5. These rewards points when get accumulated can be used to get your free Google Gift Card.

5. Tap Cash Reward

Tap cash reward is another app which will provide you free Google Gift Code when you register under that app. You need to perform a small task to get points which can be redeemed when accumulated. Tap cash reward has some amazing cool screen, and you can get points by installing certain well-known apps such as twitter, facebook, Hulu, Skype.

How to get Free Google Gift Card using Tap Cash Rewards?

  1. Install Tap Cash Rewards app from Google Play store (it is free)
  2. Register using your valid email id
  3. Download apps or games of your choice and point will be created to your account
  4. All the points when accumulated can be used to redeem Google Play Credit Codes.

Final words

You can use different apps for getting Google Play credit cards but most of the apps will not pay you on time, and they will ban your account when you are near to your target. So, we recommend to use all of the above apps; these are trusted apps which are known to pay on time.